After twenty years of playing one instrument, I switched to a Dearstone. The deep low tones
and mellow high notes are sweet to my ears. If you want a new beautiful mandolin that has it
all plus more volume than you've ever heard, do like me and get a Ray Dearstone.

Dempsey Young

P.S. His consistency is unreal!

I just purchased D-1A #17. What a fine instrument! I've been playing a 1919 Gibson F4
for 10 years now, and I wanted to get a good f-hole mandolin for that rounder tone. The
D-1A is perfect. As of today, this mando lives in Sacramento, California sharing a virtual
"musical instrument dormitory"  with the F4, an 1850 Czech fiddle, a baby grand piano,
and a slew of vintage (40's Martin dreadnoughts) and new steel string acoustic guitars.
It seems happy in its new setting. I love the concept of a low-end high-end mandolin. I'll
go for tone and playability over flash any day of the week. This mando looks just fine and
sounds just like the ones with the florentine headstock, fancy maple and abalone everywhere.


Tim O'Laughlin

The following is what I bought up on the internet digest, BGRASS-L today .....I have a great
sounding Dearstone mandolin for sale.   . . interesting, huh (is he crazy? . . . out of his mond?
. . . )?   I still got mine . . . . . and it ain't fer sale!!!
Dave Propst
Mandolinist for the "Fastest Grass Alive"

I recently attended a Bluegrass Festival in Jerseytown, PA. One of the performers onstage
(Dave Propst with the Fastest Grass Alive) was playing a mandolin that was tonally head
and shoulders above the rest. I was so curious that I had to ask him after his set what exactly
he was playing....You guessed it...A Dearstone!!! What a fantastic sounding instrument! Keep
up the great work!!
A future customer,
Annette Franklin
Lock Haven, PA

Hello Ray,
I purchased a beautiful mandolin from you a little over a year ago
 and have nothing but praise for your work. I just wanted to let you
 know how pleased I am of the instrument. You are a true craftsman.
Robert Hoskins

Proud owner of 50SM. Great mandolin!
Mitch Swan


I purchased my A-1M Dearstone about a year ago. Simply said, "There's nothing like it." I've had the opportunity to play just about everything out there and nothing holds a candle to the Dearstone. Ray does more than bring back the quality and craftsmanship found years ago in models such as the Gibson F-5L's, he surpasses it. He has raised the bar higher than it's ever been set before. Many traditonalists are skeptical of A-style mandolins, I invite them all to be blown away by my A-1M Cannon. A testimonial simply cannot do justice to express these truths. I invite you to stop in at your local dealership and take a Dearstone for test drive today.

Josh Johnson
Sapling Grove

Hi Ray,
I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how
much I am enjoying the D1-A (#011) I bought from you
back in May.  This is without a doubt the best
mandolin I have ever played, bar none at any price or
vintage.  I didn't think it could possibly get any
better sounding  than when it was new, but it continues
to amaze me every day at the sweetness of the tone,
how easy it plays, and the ear splitting volume.  This
one is a hoss!  Thanks again for the great mandolin.
Darin Moxley
Franklin, TN

My DEARSTONE mandolin is the greatest thing since sliced bread....You'll notice that
DEARSTONE is all capitol letters...This is because it is the greatest, warmest, most soul-ful
mandolin on the face of the earth.....Everybody loves the tone everybody except those standing
in front of me while I pick, Love the volume!!!!!!
A masterpiece, A True Craftsman...I Can't Say enough!!!!!
Dan Carty
Bristol, TN

Great site!  I have two friends that have dearstones, they
lovem'.  Keep up the good work!

Daniel Salyer

Artist Who Play A Dearstone:

Jason Leek with Beachly Scott Band
Tim Laughlin with Beachly Scott Band
Ashley Lewis  with Ashton Gap
Shawn Lane with Blue Highway
Jason Burleson with Blue Highway
Tim Stafford with Blue Highway
Wade Spencer with Wade Spencer Ministries
Joe Booher with  New Found Road
Josh Johnson with Sapling Grove
Dwight McCall with J. D. Crow and The New South
Dwane Compton with Special Delivery
Kermit Blankenship with Virginia Bluegrass
Gary Brown with Carolina Opry
Danny Barnes with Autumn Haze         
Brad Meinerding
Gary Moore with Driving Time
Carl Caldwell
Dan Carty with Breaking Tradition
Randy Graham with Continental Divide
Kevin Baucom with The Jeanette Williams Band
Rafe Martin  with Carolina Drive
Rick Campbell with The Knott Brothers
Justin McKendree with The McKendrees
Ron Barnett with The McKendrees
Denny Kopp with Iron Ridge
Glenn Harlow
Randy Jackson
Rick Pafford
Daniel Fick with The Ficktones

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